Connecting to the GAA Wifi Wireless Network

Visitors to GAA must request a guest voucher from the business office. Connect to the GAA Guest wifi, then enter the voucher code in the appropriate field in the guest portal.

GAA staff and students will connect to the "GAA Wifi" wireless network using their school Google account. Please follow the instructions below for access.

Obtaining Your DPSK

1. Connect to the GAA Onboarding wifi network.


2. You will be taken to the WLAN Connection Activation prompt. If not, open a web browser and navigate to to open the activation prompt. Enter your GAA username and password, then click Log In. The username is the first part of the school email address: [username]


3. Upon successful authentication, the Secure WLAN Configuration screen will appear. You will be presented with a provisioning file titled prov.apk (Android), prov.exe (Windows), or prov.pkg (Apple). At this point, there are two options to take.

Option 1 - Install the provisioning file. Skip to the Connecting to GAA Wifi section.

Option 2 - If you are using Linux or a Chromebook, or if you are not presented with a download, select "click here" at the bottom of the window, as shown below. Continue to step 4.


4. The next screen will present your unique Network Key (DPSK). An example is shown below. Copy the Network Key as it will be used later. The Network Key can be used for up to 4 devices. DO NOT SHARE YOUR NETWORK KEY!!!


Connecting to GAA Wifi

1. Change the wifi network to GAA Wifi. If you installed the Zero-IT install file, this is the final step. If you copied the DPSK from step 4 above, continue to the next step.


2. Enter your Network Key if prompted, then join the GAA Wifi wireless network.



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