GAA Helpdesk Chrome Extension

GAA Helpdesk Chrome Extension

The GAA Helpdesk Chrome Extension is a required extension that is automatically installed into the Chrome browser when you sign into Chrome using your GAA account. The purpose of the extension is to facilitate the process of creating helpdesk tickets.

Starting the Extension

In Google Chrome, the extension may be shown at the top right of the browser window as shown in the following image. Notice the small GAA logo to the right of the address bar.

address bar and logo


When you click on the school logo, the following drop-down menu will appear.

drop-down menu


The Buttons

The extension shows four clickable buttons:

  • Submit Ticket - Opens a new tab and redirects the user to the ticket submission area of
  • Take Screenshot - Captures a single image of the user's screen
  • Start Screen Recording - Captures a video of the user's screen, useful for showing problems with processes
  • GAA Knowledgebase - Opens a new tab and redirects the user to articles found on

Taking a Screenshot or Recording

Clicking on Take Screenshot or Start Screen Recording opens a popup window that asks what to share. Usually, a single screen is available to share, unless a multiple screen setup is detected. With multiple screens, the appropriate screen can be selected for sharing. Clicking on the Share button will capture or record the selected screen. For recordings, be sure to click the "Stop sharing" button to finish the capture. Save the image or recording to the computer.

share dialog box


Uploading the Image or Recording to Helpdesk

Clicking on the Submit Ticket button will open a new tab and redirect to the ticket submission area of Towards the bottom of the submission page, there is an Attachments area that can be used to upload any images or recordings relevant to the ticket. The Attachments area looks similar to the image below. Be aware that there is a 2MB file size limit.

attachments section

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