[Deprecated] Connecting to the GAA Secure WiFi Network

Note*** - While these instructions are still valid, they are being deprecated in favor of an easier method of connecting to the secured wireless network at GAA. Please follow this link for easy instructions: https://helpdesk.glendaleacademy.org/knowledgebase.php?article=8


Visitors to GAA must request a guest voucher from the business office. Connect to the GAA Guest WiFi, then enter the voucher code in the appropriate field in the guest portal.

GAA staff and students will connect to the "GAA Secure" WiFi network. Please follow the instructions below for access. If you are a staff/student and have already set up your school Google account, you may skip the Prerequisites section.

Prerequisites - New Users Only

A school-issued Google Workspace account is required for WiFi access on the GAA campus. New students and faculty are assigned a username and temporary password. The temporary password must be changed prior to connecting to GAA Secure.

1. If starting this section while on campus, please obtain a guest voucher from the business office and use the code to connect to GAA Guest.

2. Open a web browser and go to www.google.com. Click the blue "Sign In" button in the top right corner of the browser window.

3. Use your full email address (e.g., user@glendaleacademy.org) as your username, then click "Next". At the next screen, enter the temporary password and click "Next". Accept the user agreement to continue. For assistance with the Google Workspace account, please click here to fill out a support ticket.


4. Create and confirm a new password in the next section, then click "Change password".


5. Once a new password has been created, you will be logged into Google. To verify, click on the letter in the colored circle on the top right of the browser window and it will display the account which is signed in.



Windows 10

These instructions apply to Windows 10 and newer Windows versions only. Earlier versions of Microsoft Windows are not supported. First-time users must complete the prerequisite section at the top of this page before continuing.

1. Download the GAA Certificate Authority and install it into the Trusted Root Certification Authorities group.

2. Click the Start menu, then click on Settings (Gear Icon)

3. Click Network & Internet

4. Click Network and Sharing Center

5. Select Set up a new network connection or network

6. Select Manually connect to a wireless network, then press Next

7. Enter GAA Secure for the Network Name and WPA2-Enterprise for the Security type. Then press Next

8. The wifi network reference has been created, but needs modification. Click Change connection settings

9. In the Network Properties window, click on the Security tab.

10. In the Security tab, change the authentication method section to Microsoft: EAP-TTLS, then press Settings

11. Uncheck Enable identity privacy, then select Unencrypted password (PAP) in the Client Authentication section. Select the GAA Certificate Authority from the list of Trusted Root Certification Authorities. Click OK

12. You will be returned to the Security tab. Press the Advanced settings button

13. Put a checkmark for Specify authentication mode and select User authentication. Next, click Save credentials

14. In the User name field, enter your GAA Google Workspace email address and the corresponding password in the Password field, then press OK

15. Click OK to close each dialog box until you return to the area shown below

16. On the Windows toolbar click on the WiFi icon (or the globe indicating no network connection) and select GAA Secure from the list


17. Press Connect when shown the prompt below to finish connecting to GAA Secure

Android, Chromebooks, Linux

First-time users must complete the prerequisite section at the top of this page before continuing.

1. Download the GAA Certificate Authority and install it as a WiFi authority. Open the network settings by clicking on the WiFi icon. From the list of available wireless networks, find and click on GAA Secure. Enter the network settings shown (expect some variations on the images below). Replace user@glendaleacademy.org with your GAA Google Workspace account. Be sure to leave the Anonymous Identity field blank.

General settings are listed below.

    • EAP Method (Authentication): TTLS
    • Phase 2 Authentication (Inner Authentication): PAP
    • CA Certificate: GAA Certificate Authority
    • Identity: [your GAA Google Workspace username]
    • Anonymous Identity: [leave blank]
    • Password: [your GAA Google Workspace password]

Chromebook settings will look similar to the image below.



Linux settings will look similar to the image below.

linux network


Android settings will look similar to the image below.

android settings




Apple Devices

1. First-time users must complete the prerequisite section at the top of this page before continuing.

2. Click on the WiFi icon next to the clock on the top right of the screen and choose GAA Guest.

3. Apple devices require a special configuration file to connect to GAA's secured WiFi. Using a web browser, download the GAASecureProfile using a two-finger tap (or right-click), choose "Save Link As..." and save the file in your preferred download folder. 


4. Find the config file in the Downloads folder and double-click on it to manually start the installation. Alternatively, two-finger tap on the file, choose Open With > ProfileHelper. The file is loaded into ProfileHelper, which is accessible in System Preferences.

5. Open System Preferences, then choose Profiles.

6. The Profiles window will show a new downloaded profile. Click the Install button. Click Continue when it asks if you're sure.


7. Enter your school Google account information, then click Install.

8. A local administrator's credentials are required to install the profile. This is generally any account on the device that has administrative level privileges. Enter the administrator credentials and click OK. The installation will take a few seconds and the Profiles windows will show "Installing Profile" in the bottom left of the window until the process is complete.

9. Once the installation is complete, the Profiles window will show a new User profile.

10. Click on the WiFi icon next to the clock on the top right of the screen and choose GAA Secure (select Other Networks, if necessary). If the device connects without issue, then you are done. If you are asked to enter a password, go back to step 1 and repeat the entire process.