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Google Cast for Education


Google Cast for Education

Google Cast for Education is a convenient way to have students share their presentations remotely without having to physically connect their own devices to a display or projector.

Physical Setup

Google Cast for Education works best when the computer hosting the receiver is plugged directly into the display or projector using an HDMI, DisplayPort, or VGA cable. It can also be used with Google Cast, though the quality and reliability may be greatly reduced.

Starting Google Cast for Education

In Chrome, click on the Apps button apps buttonor type chrome://apps in the address bar. Find the Google Cast for Education app and click on it. A new window will open asking for the name of the receiver. Provide a relevant name to identify the receiver to the students, such as Room 16 or Mr. Smith's Receiver. Click Save.


Next, click the blue Share button to share the receiver with the students. This is best achieved in conjunction with Google Classroom, as the receiver will automatically display all the Classrooms associated with your account. Alternatively, you can specify email addresses with which you want to share the receiver. Notice the option to have students request access to the receiver or present to the receiver.


Once the receiver is shared with the students, the students can access it through their Chrome browser, assuming they are signed in with their school account. To do this, the students must click on the Chrome settings button (three vertical dots) and choose Cast. There, they will see the shared receiver and will be able to connect and present from their device.

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